Durham Apartment Accessibility

Is there a lift ?

Yes, both from street level and from the underground car park to the second floor on which the Apartment is situated.

Can I use my wheelchair ?

The front door can be reached from car park or street level by wheelchair users without assistance. Once inside, the doorways are 32 inches (813 mm) wide. The bathroom layout is not amenable to wheelchair access, and of course the spiral staircase to the second bedroom would present something of a problem.

Is the Apartment OK for my visual impairment ?

Outside, the public areas have a reasonable level of contrast between floors and walls; there's voice announcement of lift position, and the route to the front door is straightforward. Within the apartment there is a good level of natural and artificial light without excessive glare. The door handles and light switches are brass, and are reasonably well distinguished against light coloured doors and walls.

How can you tell me what I need to know ?

For sighted guests, there is a manual in the Apartment. This uses reasonably plain English to explain how everything works.
Visually impaired guests - or anyone else - can download this as a PDF:

Print PDF Moonlight Apartment Manual

You can always phone or text us with any questions before you come, or during your stay.

What about my Dog ?

If it's a Guide Dog or Assistance Dog (not a pet), it's very welcome.

Where's your Accessibility Guide ?

Please click VisitEngland Accessibility Guide

Is there some more information ?

You can get our Access Statement as a PDF at

Print PDF Access Statement

We will happily provide this on paper if you ask.

Will someone meet me at the Apartment ?

Yes, we'll meet you and take as long as you need to show you where everything is. There's no rush or hassle.

Phone : (+44) (0) 794 439 2971
Mobile :(+44) (0) 794 439 2971
Text :    (+44) (0) 794 439 2971